Friday, October 25, 2019

Horse and Buggy Parking

Landisville, PA  2019

You know you're in Pennsylvania Dutch country when you see these types of parking signs. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

USS Sequoia - The Presidential Yacht

New London, CT  2019

To seek shelter from some pretty rough weather, The USS Sequoia was recently docked in New London on her way to Maine for restoration.  This yacht served during the administrations of Presidents Hoover up until Jimmy Carter.  

Friday, October 18, 2019

Surf's Up!!

Niantic, CT  2019

A little chilly for surfing, with temps in the mid-50's.  Winds were gusting up to 50 mph.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Angry Sound

Niantic, CT  2019

There were high winds in the northeast this week due to a "bomb cyclone".  It made for some pretty big waves along our beach in Niantic.  I have rarely seen Long Island Sound this rough.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Clock Tower

New Haven, CT  2019

The top floor of a large parking garage provided an interesting 'eye level' look at the surrounding buildings.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunscreen Station

Niantic, CT  2019

The city has provided these convenient stations to dispense sunscreen for those who walk the 1.2 mile long boardwalk along Niantic Bay.  It even tells you how long you should stay out in the sun.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Driftwood Sculpture

Niantic, CT 2019

For some reason, I don't think these pieces of driftwood just happened to be placed just like this solely due to the forces of wind and surf.  

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Bling it On

Norwich, CT  2019

I never knew there would be a demand in Norwich for a Dominican Hair Stylist.  Is it a particular style of hair or is the hair stylist from the Dominican Republic? 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

In Memorium

Groton, CT  2019

I photographed this vintage WWII bomber on September 10 and featured it a blog post on Sept 19.  On Wednesday, Oct 2, this aircraft crashed shortly after take-off at Bradley International Airport with 13 people on board.  There were 7 fatalities.  My condolences and prayers goes out the families of those who lost their lives.  

Shetucket River

Norwich, CT  2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Serendipity II

Norwich, CT  2019

Yachts like this are a common site in and around the Mystic Seaport area and have been featured in this blog.  It's not quite as common to see a yacht like this docked in Norwich, CT.