Thursday, December 8, 2011

One More Train Picture

Essex, CT

Please allow me to post one more picture of the steam train in Essex, CT.  I posted a few pictures of this train recently and wanted to share one more.  I don't do a lot of post processing of my digital pictures.  Normally I'll add a slight curve adjustment, then darken the highlights a little, a bring up the shadows and finally sharpen a bit.   This is all done in Apple's Aperture 3.  I felt this picture, needed to be rendered in black and white.  I started with one of the many Aperture B&W presets, and adjusted the color filters to get the version seen here.  I'm sure others more skilled than I could improve upon this.  They would look at the image straight out of the camera and know exactly what adjustments need to be made to bring out the best in the image whereas I play with the adjustments until I get an image I like.