Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sunflowers for Wishes

I'm a little late posting these pictures and for some of you they might look a little familiar.  Fellow Connecticut Blogger, Jack, who publishes the very fine blog Naples and Hartford in Season published photos from Buttonwood Farms and their Sunflowers for Wishes sales the very day I visited.  I guess great minds think alike.  We've been going to Buttonwood Farms for years, ever since I first moved to Connecticut in 2003.  For two weeks in July, the sunflowers are in bloom and they are sold to the public with all proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation.  It truly is an impressive sight to see acres of sunflowers in bloom.

There was a big crowd there when I visited and the lines were very long for taking hay rides through the sunflower fields, and for ice cream.  Buttonwood Farms makes their own ice cream and people come from far and wide, even as far away as Hartford for the ice cream.  There were walking paths through the fields which allowed for up close and personal sunflower pictures.

One thing I noticed as I walked around this field.... no matter what side of the field I was on, the sunflowers always seemed to be facing away from me.  You might see it in some of the photos above.  All the sunflowers were facing to the center of the field.  I thought they always faced the same direction.  

Griswold, CT  2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Big Top

South Windsor, CT  2015

The entire circus performance was held within this big top tent, which comfortably seats about 700.  Each performance lasts about 2 hours, with a 10 minute intermission and there were two performances for each of the two days that Circus Smirkus was in South Windsor.  Within 20 minutes after the final performance, the troupers were all involved in taking down the bleachers, riggings, circus ring, tent, etc, and getting it all ready to be loaded onto trucks for their next destination.  This year's tour will take them to 15 cities in New England over a course of 7 weeks where they will perform 66 times.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I've always admired jugglers, and wished that was a skill I could master.  It's hard enough juggling rubber balls, much less pins like this.  It also must be difficult juggling all these pins with each other in a group this size.  Nothing compares, however, to the gentleman below who can juggle with the performers below while on stilts which easily lifted him to over 25 feet above the ground.

South Windsor, CT  2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015


South Windsor, CT  2015

No circus is complete without some stilt-walkers.  I found it very clever how the performers transitioned from one scene to the next.  In this case the scene was a fancy restaurant, with the patrons pulled from the audience to sit at the tables below the chandelier.  Those on stilts helped the set up the chandelier.  It was a very pretty scene.