Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oasis Pub and Kelly's

New London, CT

I find the city of New London fascinating from an historical aspect.  At one time due to the natural harbor here, New London was the third busiest whaling port in the world, behind New Bedford and Nantucket.  This of course brought a lot of wealth to the area.  After the decline of the whale trade, there was considerable commercial shipping that came through the port of New London.  I'm sure there is still some commercial shipping to this day, but it's not as important to the area as it once was.  More recently, the city has attracted some large cruise ships using the harbor as a port of call.  I can imagine what the downtown area must have looked like back in the mid to late 1800's with its hotels and taverns   serving all the "needs" of the sailors who worked the ships.  It must have been a pretty rough and rowdy part of town.  A number of buildings remain from that time.  I would guess to say that a number of taverns also remain, updated with today's conveniences with new names and owners, but serving a slightly different crowd these days.  I sense it's not quite as rough and rowdy now a days.

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