Monday, July 15, 2013

CN Tower

Toronto, CA

The CN Tower dominates the skyline of Toronto towering over the city by 1815 ft and was the tallest free standing structure in the world when it opened in 1976.  It held that title for 34 years, until being surpassed by the Canton Tower in China.  It still remains the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere.  It was built primarily as a communications tower to serve the Toronto area and contains an observation deck as well as a restaurant, which rotates a full 360 degrees in little over an hour, affording great views of the city and Lake Ontario.


  1. We have friends who were just in Toronto where they visited the CN Tower. There is a supervised walk around the edge while outside. They had to wear a safety belt and strap. Scary.

    1. Yes I know about the Edge Walk. No thank you! I passed on that. I also didn't walk on the glass floor which is built to support the weight of 13 hippos. I was content with lunch and the 360 degree view. I'll be posting some pics from atop the CN Tower later this week.

  2. This look like the tower was laid down on a bed of cotton batting.