Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunlight Building

Norwich, CT  2016

This building used to be home to the Norwich Bulletin a daily newspaper that has been in continuous publication since 1796.  The paper now goes by "The Bulletin" has expanded it's circulation to just about all of eastern Connecticut.  Offices were moved from this building in 2013 to the historic old train station in downtown Norwich, featured in this blog post.


  1. Ed. I like your blog. I've been following for a year or so now. We worked together briefly at Pfizer when I came from AA in 2007. I'm not sure why I haven't commented soon - my mistake. Keep up the explorations and photos. Regards, Jeff Kohrt

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I remember you well from our brief time together at Pfizer. Thank you for commenting. I do appreciate it. I'm not the greatest photographer in the world, but I do enjoy taking photos and sharing them. Hope all is well. Things are going well for me at Forma. I'm looking forward to retirement though. A few more years......