Monday, June 27, 2016

The Schooner Argia

Mystic, CT  2016

Readers of this blog might know of my fondness for boats and sailing.  Although I've never owned boat, I rarely pass up any opportunity to get out on the water, no matter what the vessel.  The Schooner Argia is a popular tourist attraction that offers three daily cruises during the season.  Seen here, she's returning from a mid-afternoon cruise just in time to pick my wife and myself up for the 2-hour early evening cruise.  I will be featuring pictures from our sail this week on my blog.


  1. I envy your cruise on this beautiful schooner. Looks like great fun, especially if you are not responsible for set sails and navigating.

  2. Long as you don't go on a 3 hour cruise and end up like Gilligan! I love boats too and would love to go on this one!

    1. No need to fear ending up like Gilligan on this cruise. We never left sight of land and the weather was perfect.