Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We interrupt our regular programming

I'm not sure if anyone else was having problems with Blogger over the holiday weekend, but I had a hard time posting pictures starting last Saturday, July 2.  I wanted to post a number of pictures that would post automatically during this week, while I was away on vacation.  Blogger was misbehaving, and I couldn't post anything.  I also noticed problems in opening other blogs that relied on Blogger, as well as any other sites or applications that relied on Google.  I hope I can post somethings now while vacationing, but we'll see.  

Nashville, TN. 2016

This week I'm attending the International Convention of the Barbershop Harmony Society in Nashville, TN.   The big activities start tonight with Youth Barbershop Quartet contest featuring 30 quartets with members younger than 24 years.  Tomorrow starts the regular quartet contest with 57 of the best barbershop quartets from all over the world.  Our convention is just small addition to the festivities of this city which has such a strong musical heritage.

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  1. Have fun in Nashville. Friends visited Nashville for a wedding last year and have not stopped raving about it yet. (No Blogger problems here.)