Thursday, April 6, 2017

Keep the Quality Up

Newport, RI  2017

It looked so quaint, I had to do some shopping in the British Clothing Store pictured in yesterday's blog post.  In looking around I saw this sign hanging on the wall and was very surprised to see it all the way out here in Newport, RI.  The slogan was that of W.E. Upjohn, the founder of The Upjohn Co., a major pharmaceutical company and my first employer after I finished graduate school.  Dr. Upjohn had these signs made and displayed around the company he founded in Kalamazoo, MI,  long before I started to work.  I asked the store clerk about the sign, and although he knew of the sign being there, he knew nothing about it's history.  He did tell me that the store's owner once was in the fur business and would decorate his fur salons with advertising signs that he collected throughout the years, which is probably how he acquired it.  


  1. Fine personal connection to this sign. Did you see these posted when you first went to work at Upjohn?

    1. Yes, I do remember seeing a sign or two when I first started working there. I'm sure there were many more at one time, particularly in the manufacturing/bottling areas and quality control areas.

  2. You should have made the clerk pay you for your knowledge!
    I love that sign!

  3. Don't you wish you had one of those signs? I would love one.