Saturday, September 2, 2017


New London, CT  2017

New London, or more precisely Groton is the home of the Naval Submarine Base New London, the worlds first, and finest submarine base.  It is the home of the Submarine Force, and often one can catch glimpses of the subs as they leave for or return from deployment.  Recently while having coffee in New London with a colleague of mine, I spotted this submarine way down river returning to port.  I had enough time to run to my car for my camera and walk out to the end of city pier to attempt these photographs. Subs are not the easiest subjects to photograph.  Even when on the surface, there is very little above the waterline. You might have to click on the pictures for a larger view to see it more clearly.  They certainly don't stick out much on the water.   A far more skilled photographer than I would have done a much better job getting a better exposure and more than likely would have had a much longer lens available.

I'm not sure which Navy submarine this is, or to which class of subs it belongs.  There were no markings of any kind on the sub.  This sub might have been built right here in Groton in the General Dynamics Electric Boat Div, pictured behind  the sub in the top picture. 


  1. If I had to give credit to the instruments and machines that won us the war in the Pacific, I would rate them in this order: submarines first, radar second, planes third, bulldozers fourth. Admiral "Bull" Halsey

    Hey! Just giving you a quote that I read from Admiral Halsey after watching "The Gallant Hours" on TV. It made me go and look up Admiral Halsey. (Quite the story.) That film, James Cagney did a great job. It is a most unusual movie, way ahead of its time.
    As regarding taking photos of subs, they would be hard to capture, unless you are a fish! LOL.

    1. Thanks for looking and commenting, Kay. I'll have to go now and watch "The Gallant Hours".