Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Gay City State Park

Graveyards around Halloween seem just a little bit spookier, even in broad daylight.  This small cemetery is one of the few reminders that there was once a community in what is now Gay City State Park.  The upper headstone marks the grave of Rev Henry P Sumner, one of the founders of his community and it's religious leader.  The lower picture is the grave of Matilda, Henry's daughter.  At one time the small religious sect that settled in this area in 1796, reached a  total 25 families, the majority of which had "Gay" as their surname.  The area was originally known as Factory Hollow and in keeping with the spirit of Halloween, the place has been reported as being haunted.  But one can say that of just about any place here in New England.  Happy Halloween.

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