Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dennison Memorial Clock - L L Bean

Freeport, ME

The L L Bean company was founded in Freeport, and has their headquarters there, as well as their flagship store.  When he first started out after inventing his famous boot, L L Bean realized that hunters kept strange hours, and therefore when he opened his first store, he kept it open 24 hrs a day.  Even today all of the L L Bean stores in Freeport are open 24/7.  There are no locks on the doors there.  Along with all the clothing, hunting, fishing and camping gear in the stores, there are some nice displays in their main store, like this clock.  It's fun to watch the clockworks, and every hour the clock plays a tune.  


  1. Wonderful looking clock works. Good subject for a photo.

    I will work on posting some color photos of that Case steam traction engine.

  2. Love that first photo of the clockworks. I must have missed that part of the store.