Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Portsmouth Street Scenes II

Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH is one of my favorite cities in all of New England.   I've visited here many times, and no matter what day I'm here, or what time of the year, I always find the downtown historic area of Portsmouth bustling with activity.  There are many restaurants, cafes, boutiques and specialty shops and where ever you look, there are people enjoying the city.  I learned long ago, that it's easier to park in one of the city's parking garages than to try and find a parking spot on the street.  Parking is cheap here too!  Having paid for parking in Hartford, New Haven, and New York City, it was a pleasure to pay only $0.75/hr to park here.

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  1. Portsmouth is one of my favorite New England cities, too. I passed through in August, I think it was. These scenes are familiar.