Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Love

Colchester, CT


  1. Fine graffiti but looks like lots of snow to shovel. Ours is melting today, but more predicted for tonight.

  2. I wonder if this is the first street art photo I see on your blog. I always like these positive stencils. They make me smile. And yes, I know it's vandalism and and and ... makes me smile nevertheless.
    It's 20 °C around here with around 11 hours of sunshine per day :-D

  3. I know I've posted some photos of big murals on buildings, which are really street art. I don't think I've posted any plain old "graffiti" (street art). This picture was taken on Feb 22 after a couple of major snow storms hit our area. This winter has seen lots of snow here as well as very cold temperatures for a long stretch of time. The temperature did get above freezing over the last week, so a good part of the snow has now melted. I can't wait for spring. Thanks for looking!!

  4. [Just love] How nice. Great find.