Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A View from Harkness State Park

Harkness State Park, Waterford, CT   2015

Harkness State Park offers some spectacular views of Long Island Sound.  This is a view looking west from the park showing the coastline in the towns of Waterford and East Lyme, CT.  I've visited this park a number of times, and I've always wondered what the building was that is shown here, just a little right of center.  It stands out as being very different from the surrounding buildings and has a distinctive spire.  I'm sure long time residents of the area know all about the building and the grounds around it.  I knew from when I first saw this view I needed to get a close up look of this building and after a little research I found out it was readily accessible, so I ventured off to photograph this site, and will feature some up close photos during the next week as well as share the fascinating history of this place. 

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