Monday, May 11, 2015

Seaside Farewell

Allow me some parting shots from the Seaside Sanatorium.  As I stated in a previous post, the governor of the state of Connecticut wants to make this property a new state park.  I'm afraid that might be easier said than done.  I'm sure there many political issues and legal issues that need to be resolved not to mention that the property is located in a very affluent neighborhood within Waterford and I'm sure the local residents will have something to say about having a new state park in their backyard.

Waterford, CT  2015

Hopefully common sense will prevail and this historic property will be preserved for future generations.  Until that happens, the property is not secured and many people stroll the grounds and enjoy the salt air and sunshine, much as the children here did about 80 years ago. I plan to return sometime soon.

Thank you for looking.  I hope you enjoyed these pictures and the little piece of Connecticut state history. 


  1. I looked at several days worth of photos from this place. Good original architecture but lots of condition problems. I suspect that the cost of bringing it up to snuff so that it can be used for a park would be quite high, and Connecticut doesn't have any spare money. I suspect the idea of a park is well into the future. Too bad.

  2. I agree with jack - and in that time only more deterioration through neglect.
    I think I'd rather have a park than deteriorating, unsafe buildings in my affluent neighbourhood!