Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm Published!

I certainly don't do this blog for any fame and even less so for any fortune.  It's strictly a hobby and a way to share some of my photography.  I have some loyal followers, and what I would call a very modest number of page views according to the analytics.  Still, I'm always surprised when people contact me outside of commenting on Blogger about some of the photos I post.  Such was the case about 8 months or so ago when I received and email from a Mr Kent Fuller.  Kent had come across my blog in doing research for a book he was planning to publish featuring images of the Mystic, CT area.  He asked if he could include some of my photos in his book, which is part of a series of books, published by Arcadia Publishing entitled "Images of Modern America".  Of course, I was flattered that he asked, so I sent him a number of images taken around the Mystic area.  The book was published in July, and included the two images below which also appeared in this blog.

Mystic, CT  2016

More information about the book and be found here.  You never know who might find and read your blog.  

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  1. Hey, that is really good news! And you are right, you never know who might find and read your blog! :-)