Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Childhood Home

Maplewood, NJ  2017

This is the first house I can remember living in as a child.  It is a duplex and my family occupied the residence on the right.  It's comforting to know the house is still standing after 60 years.  


  1. Looks good to spend time out on the front porch, but this would never pass building codes now without an eye level railing.

  2. Interesting, my one childhood house was about half an hour away, in Roseland, NJ. Haven't been back since selling it after my father's death in 2000. I've been thinking about returning to that area with cameras to visit places from my childhood.

    1. Thanks for looking and commenting. I still have lots of family in NJ, so I get back often. On my latest trip I took time out to photograph this house and the others in which I lived. I still need to spend a good day with camera visiting the rest of my childhood haunts.