Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tappan Zee Bridges

Tarrytown, NY  2017

There's a major construction project underway to replace the original Tappan Zee Bridge which is the cantilever bridge shown in the background here.  The original bridge opened in 1955 and cost a mere $81 million dollars in 1950's dollars.  The new bridge is scheduled to open in 2018 and features the 419 foot tall Chamfered Towers which will support 8 lanes of traffic across the Hudson River.  It is designed to last over a century without major structural modifications and will cost $3.98 billion dollars.  It has been a long time in coming.


  1. Cool! I love watching bridges get built. We have a new one in Portland over the Willamette River that was finished in 2015.

  2. That's going to be some size of bridge!