Thursday, October 13, 2011

Johnson Hall "Museum", Wells, ME

Do you ever travel the back roads of this country and find something a little out of the ordinary?  Last weekend, my wife and I decided to spend the weekend in Freeport, ME.  This weekend has turned into an annual event for us, and gets us started on our Christmas shopping.  We stay at a bed and breakfast, shop all the outlets and of course, LL Bean.  We also have a decent dinner or two.  All in all it's a very nice weekend.  This time, we decided to take our time coming home, so we drove Rt 1 all the way from Freeport down to Kittery, ME.  Along the way we happened across the Johnson Hall Museum, and I use the term "museum" lightly!  We saw this from the road and just had to stop.  After being reminded by Bill Johnson himself, that I was ignoring his sign asking for a $5.00 donation to walk his grounds, we apologized, and paid the five bucks.  Helluva deal!  I wish I could've spent some more time there.  He really has some pretty interesting stuff in his museum, and with everything there, Bill has a story to go along with it.   Here is just a small sampling of what can be found here.

Johnson Hall Museum,  Wells, ME

Johnson  Hall Museum,  Wells, ME

Johnson  Hall Museum, Wells, ME

1937 La Salle, Johnson Hall Museum, Wells, ME
"One man's junk, another man's treasure".  Never have truer words ever been spoken after seeing this museum.  Well worth the price of admission.  You can see more of my pictures here.


  1. This place is awesome! Looks like it is straight out of American Pickers!

  2. You're right, Mary. This place was fascinating. Lot's of good "Junk".