Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Osewegatchie Hills Nature Preserve

Osewegatchie Hills, Niantic, CT

This nature preserve is within walking distance of where I live and is a great place to take a hike.  The trails are well marked and I find the geology and rock formations fascinating.  I don't usually do a lot of post processing, but recently I've been playing around with some presets for Aperture 3 which are supposed to emulate various films.  Having not a lot of background in film based photography, I find it interesting that in today's digital world, a lot of effort is placed in trying to make our digital captures more like film.  


  1. Last Friday met a fellow who teaches photography at Black Hills State University. He always starts his students working with film and chemicals. There is something magic about making a silver based print. He said he never had a student come running up to him to excitedly show him his latest digital print, but that happens all the time with chemical based photography.

    This is a great woods photograph with a balance of light and shadow.

  2. Years ago, my father in law took me through the process of developing a black and white print and it was pretty fascinating, but at that time for me, a pretty expensive hobby. Being a chemist by trade you might think I'd be pretty good about doing chemical processing of film. I might give it a try sometime in the future. Thanks for looking.

  3. I haven't had water or chemicals in my darkroom in years, but it's still in the basement. Used to develop all my own film and make silver prints. Many photographers still stick to this medium for its wide tonal range and rich blacks. Last week we saw a show of Ansel Adams prints. They are spectacular.