Monday, May 21, 2012

Soldiers' Barracks

The Citadel, Halifax, NS

The current Citadel in Halifax was completed in 1856 and is the fourth fortification built by the British to protect the city of Halifax and the important harbor.  The first fortification was built back in 1749 and quickly fell into disrepair due to the harsh climate.  A similar fate met the next two forts built here.  Finally a more permanent fort was built which has been restored to its Victorian-era glory and is now a Canadian National Historic site. Despite the strategic importance of Halifax to the British none of the forts built on this site ever saw any battle.


  1. Impressive mid-19th Century fort. Odd that it has a gravel parade ground. Why not grass? Too much to mow? Nice shot.

  2. I'm not sure why the parade ground is not grass. Although I could walk the grounds, the fort and it's exhibits were not open for the season. Knowing that the three previous forts built on this site rapidly deteriorated due to the elements, I think grass would've been too hard to maintain, and might have made for a muddy parade grounds. Thanks for looking.