Saturday, January 12, 2013

Piano Factory

Ivoryton, CT

Ivoryton is a village located in the town of Essex, CT and takes its name from the ivory trade.  At one time, according to Wikipedia, 90% of all the ivory in the United States came through Ivoryton.  The town manufactured ivory combs, buttons, toothpicks, and billiard balls.  As one might guess, the town also manufactured ivory keys for pianos, which led to the manufacture of piano movements, as well as pianos.  This factory once made pianos, but today supports a number of light manufacturing jobs.  Also, according to Wikipedia, there is no other place in the world named "Ivoryton".  


  1. That is a great looking 19th Century industrial building. Hopefully there is no more ivory trade, but there will always be a need for pianos and other musical instruments.

  2. Interesting post. I never thought about the origins of the name. The only thing I know about Ivoryton is the Copper Beech Inn.