Thursday, January 17, 2013


Katz Women's Hospital
New Hyde Park, NY

This is the lobby of the Katz Women's Hospital, which is part of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, located in New Hyde Park, NY.  This building opened in January 2013.  At first glance, one would never think this was a lobby for a hospital.  It looks more like a lobby for some very classy resort  hotel.  The clock pictured in yesterday's post can be seen to the left 


  1. Nice photo. Those spiky plants look dangerous!

  2. Hospitals are never great places to be, even if the lobby looks plush.

  3. I don't like being in hospitals much either, although one could easily forget this is a hospital. I was here for a joyous event, however and not due to anyone's illness. I was here to visit my new grandson, born 1/12/13. Both mom (my daughter), and baby are fine. I now have a new subject to photograph.

    1. Congratulations on your new status, Granddad. Glad to hear that both Mom and Grandson are doing well.