Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brooklyn Inside Out Project

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

After photographing within the Red Hook Bait and Tackle Shop, the "Switch to Manual" class embarked on a photo walk around the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  There was much to see and photograph, including this art exhibit.  This is a part of a global art project inspired by the Parisienne artist JR.  You can find out more about his project if you "google" the Inside Out Project.  From what I've learned about this project, the artist "JR" has a mobile photo booth and will take anyone's picture.  He then prints it very large and puts it on display like this for all to see.  He has done this all over the world and the final results are really quite impressive.  Most recently, he did this in Times Square, in New York City. The portraits here are  the result of his work in Brooklyn, NY.   After a while, the portraits become weathered and the victims of other 'street' artists, thus adding to their appeal as street art.   These particular portraits were displayed on a corrugated wall which made for some interesting textures  and distortions.  You can find out more about the Inside Out project in NYC here.  You and also find out more about the global Inside Out project here.  

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