Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

I don't consider myself a street photographer at all, but I do admire the work of those who practice street photography and street portraiture.  I particularly like the work of  Bob Dein, whose blog can be seen here.  He posts his work to the "100 Strangers" Flickr group as well as to a number of other photo centric websites.  I met Heather during our "Switch to Manual" photo walk.  She noticed a group of photographers taking pictures, and  was concerned that something was wrong.  I insured her that everything is fine, and that were were all part of a photography workshop, and just out practicing around the neighborhood.  She was relieved to hear that.  I then asked if she'd let me take her portrait.  She graciously agreed.  Thank you, Heather!   


  1. Hey! A portrait! Good one, Ed. See? It didn't hurt, did it?

  2. Thanks, Jack. She did't even bite. It was a a little easier, in that she approached us to ask what was going on, so she broke the ice so to speak.