Thursday, July 3, 2014

Teacher's Desk/Student's Desk

East Lyme, CT

Although some might think I'm old enough to have attended grammar school in a single room school house, I assure you I attended a school where each grade had its very own classroom.  I do remember attending kindergarten in what could be considered a single room school house.  It was a house at one time, but it only housed the kindergarten class.  It didn't look anything like this school house however.  This is pretty much what a school house like this would've looked like back in the early 1900's.

Note the forerunner of today's iPad on the desks.  


  1. Ed, I suspect you and I are about the same age... I do recall sitting at wooden desks similar to these with the hole for the ink well. We had ball point pens but those holes were curious. I think it was a case of our school system not wanting to spend money on furniture when the existing was still fine.

    ANd those iPads... they were black and white I guess :-)

  2. For two years I did attend a one-room country school. There was a great deal of anticipatory learning going on as we watched the lessons and recitations of students in higher grades. It wasn't a bad time. Not sure it was academically rigorous, but much learning went on that was not part of the curriculum. We did not use small slate boards as there was plentiful paper and pencils.