Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard of '15

Niantic, CT  7:51AM  1/27/2015

This is what I awoke to this morning.  We have been anticipating this blizzard since the weekend and yesterday the State of Connecticut declared a state of emergency and put in place a travel ban starting at 9:00 PM.  The snow started falling mid afternoon and it hasn't stopped as I write this.  I read this morning that New York City was spared the full effect of the storm having only received 6" of snow in Central Park as of 6:00 AM this morning.  Predictions called for upwards of 2-3 feet in NYC.  I think we got quite a bit more than 6" here.  

Niantic, CT  8:16 AM  1/27/2015

Fortunately I had gotten out over the weekend to fill my bird feeders.  The feeders were very popular this morning, but they'll need to be refilled very soon.   

Niantic, CT  7:54 AM  1/27/2015

The blizzard's near hurricane force winds makes it difficult to get a good measure of amount of snow that has fallen.  We're under a Blizzard Warning until midnight tonight and the forecast calls for more snow all day long.  Fortunately,  we have not lost power... yet, and we have more than enough food to last for awhile.  I'm going to enjoy my day off today, and it looks like I'll have tomorrow off as well.  Life in New England! 


  1. Wow - that's a lot of snow! Glad you are safe and warm and hope you don't lose power. Wish some of this would make it's way to the PNW - we're in a drought and our ski areas barely have enough snow to cover the runs....

  2. From what I have been reading, the storm moved to the east, so you got the brunt of it.

  3. Looks like about two feet of snow. Have fun blowing and shoveling for the next couple days. Yes, we are basking in San Diego sunshine. Been shooting lots of pictures, so I can post some on my blog.