Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Circus Smirkus

South Windsor, CT

Please pardon the brief interruption in blog posts over this past weekend.  I was tied up with a number of things, including being heavily involved in presenting Circus Smirkus to the community of  South Windsor.  My chief role was ticket chairman, so on the days of the show, I spent most of my time right inside that ticket booth.  I was able to get out to take a few shots, which I'll be sharing this week, if time permits.  In addition, I'll tell you a little more about Circus Smirkus.  The short story is, they put on a great circus performance, and the performers all range in age from 10-18. These kids are fantastic performers. 


  1. How great to be actively involved with the Circus. You get to play out our fantasies of running away with a circus. A circus with a big top is becoming more rare these days. Those performers are often highly talented. I'm looking forward to your future circus posts.

  2. Really! I wonder how you became involved with the circus. You don't seem like a person who wanted to run away with a circus.

    I heard the circus was in South Windsor but I was busy and never got over there. It looks like I missed something that would have been fun.