Sunday, July 26, 2015


I've always admired jugglers, and wished that was a skill I could master.  It's hard enough juggling rubber balls, much less pins like this.  It also must be difficult juggling all these pins with each other in a group this size.  Nothing compares, however, to the gentleman below who can juggle with the performers below while on stilts which easily lifted him to over 25 feet above the ground.

South Windsor, CT  2015


  1. I had a set of stilts as a kid. The secret to staying up on them is to keep moving. Walking isn't hard, but standing still is. Of course mine were nothing like this. Juggling is an eye-hand coordination skill, and can be mastered with practice and patience. Juggling pins comes much later in that skill development.

  2. The boy who lived next door learned juggling, and he performed at school and church events. But, he did not run off with the circus. I think he is about 40 or so now, and he became a teacher.