Saturday, December 19, 2015

Urban Ruins II

Norwich, CT  2015

I think this was once a miniature golf course.  It certainly looks like one except for one small detail.  I could find no "cups" in the turf to putt to.  The "course" is tucked away next to the Heritage Trail, a walking path that follows the Yantic River near downtown Norwich.  There are definitely walking paths here, with some bridges and  what looks like the "turf" fairways found on miniature golf courses.  I didn't count the fairways, but I don't think there were 9-holes, much less 18 so I don't think it was quite big enough.  At one time there were posts with signs on them, but the signs are long gone.  The area was surrounded by No Trespassing signs though, so I guess I shouldn't have walked up here.

I could find no mention of what used to be here in my searches related to the Heritage Trail or the Howard T Brown Memorial Park.

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  1. Sad this little golf course has been abandoned.