Saturday, December 5, 2015


As I was walking through the financial district in historic downtown Providence looking for interesting buildings to photograph, I came across this particular "building."

At first glance it looked like a number of the other older buildings in Providence but upon closer inspection, it just didn't seem quite right.  

Looking at the pictures you might think that this is just the front of what was once a pretty big building, and you'd be right.  Only when one walks behind this building do you see to what extent the historic preservation people in Providence have gone through to keep the front of this building intact.

Providence, RI  2015

I'm not sure what the historic significance of this building is.  It's nice to see it being preserved, but I do hope someone finishes building something that incorporates, supports and preserves this facade


  1. Brown University has moved its medical school off College Hill into downtown Providence and is undergoing a lot of building. Maybe this building is part of the medical school expansion.

  2. I agree it's nice to see historic buildings preserved instead of knocked down.