Friday, February 10, 2012

Flag II

Allow me one more headstone, this time from a family cemetery.  Mr Stewart was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and lived till the age of 92, which was pretty remarkable for that time.  He is one of the many Stewarts buried here, the most recent one being interred in 1905, which doesn't seem like it should be over a century ago.


  1. Love your cemetery photos. Wandering around in old grave yards provides glimpses into people's lives. Often there are young children buried with their parents showing how hazardous life could be. Finding someone as old as Mr. Stewart is a rarity. People don't often live that long now, let alone 1813. Modern sanitation and medicine has been invented since then.

  2. Thanks for looking. I find old cemeteries fascinating. I wish I had the time to research more about the lives of the people whose graves I've visited. I'm sure there must be some fascinating stories.