Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something Different

One doesn't run across dinosaurs everyday.  This guy stands guard at the entrance of The Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art, an attraction located in Montville, CT.  Inside you can learn about fossils, minerals and such, as well as about dinosaurs.  I drive by this place a lot and finally stopped to take some pictures.  


  1. Like your T-Rex photo. We have a 2 story + tall, animated T-Rex here in town. It has a photo-sensor in it so it reacts to anyone walking past. It can be unnerving.

  2. This guy isn't animated, but he is a snazzy dresser. Earlier in the week he was wearing a big red heart around his neck for Valentines Day. I was hoping to get a picture of that, but they must have removed it right after Valentines Day. In the summer he sports a large pair of sunglasses, while he sips from a large cup of Coke held in his forearms.