Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buttonwood Farms

Griswold, CT

This was one of the first treasures of southeast Connecticut to which I was introduced during a house hunting trip back in 2003.  We purchased a house not too far from here back then, and would frequent Buttonwood Farms often during their season from March until the end of October.  We have stopped here for ice cream on October 31, their last day of the season.  Now, however, we don't live quite as close, but we still manage to get up here a couple of times for ice cream.  It's that good and worth the drive. 

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  1. Love these places that make real, high butterfat, hand crafted ice cream. Discovered one on a bicycle trail in Minnesota where they raised dairy cows, milked regularly, and made their own ice cream. It was especially delicious after a 20 mile bike ride.