Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Civil War Memorial

Colchester, CT


  1. The Civil War is not that far from us in time. I remember when Life Magazine ran a feature story about the last five survivors who fought in that war. I think four of them fought for the Union and one for the Confederacy. This was the first "modern" war in a number of senses. It was aimed at a whole people, not just at an army, and it was the first war to employ modern industrial technology to create weapons. Feelings about this war still run deep, especially in the South. This was a horrible war.

    1. You're right, Jeff. It's hard to imagine just how horrible this war was. There were more US casualties during this war. than in both World Wars, Korea and Viet Nam combined. There will be a number of remembrances observed during the next few years, as the various 150 Year anniversaries are observed.

  2. It's interesting to see a Civil War memorial in the north. We have so many of them down here marking the places where the battles were. I really should get out and photograph more of them.