Monday, August 13, 2012

Chevy and Ford

Niantic, CT


  1. In this era the Chevy is the more advances, and comfortable car. They rode like a more modern car, were comfortable on bumpy roads, and were more "standard" to drive. The Model T was an odd machine to drive. There were two speeds, high and low, and the driver had to keep his foot down on the clutch to keep going. Stopping was just a matter of lifting one's foot from the clutch and brakes were automatically applied in the transmission. The throttle was on a lever at the steering column, and once set, was seldom touched.

    1. You know a lot about these old cars, Jeff, and some other old machinery as well. I've enjoyed reading about the antique machines you've shown in your posts. I'm sure you must have learned all this from reading and from what others have told you. You're not old enough to actually remember some of these. ;) Thanks for commenting. I've learned something today.