Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapman Falls Pot Holes

Devil's Hopyard State Park
East Haddam, CT

Followers of this blog know about my interest in geology and the various rock formations found throughout Connecticut.  I had read about the pot holes found around Chapman Falls and wanted to see them for myself.  There are some fine examples of pretty deep, cylindrical holes formed over thousands of years by natural processes, although legend would have us believe these pot holes are the work of the devil himself.  According to the legend, the devil got angry after his tail got wet in the river here, and he stormed away very angry, with his hooves leaving these "foot prints"in the rocks.  Today these pot holes are like natural little pools, where people can refresh themselves in the cool water.


  1. These pot holes are great looking. Love the rainbow you caught on the left side. Looks like a perfect place for a refreshing dip on a hot day. Is this limestone eroded by the falls?

    1. I didn't notice the rainbow until I began looking at these pictures on my computer. I have a a couple of other surprise rainbows in other pictures taken about the falls. From what I've read, the falls flow over an outcropping of Scotland schist, a fairly erosion resistant rock. Still if given enough time and the power of falling water, erosion does occur, as evidenced by the potholes.

    2. Ah, Scotland schist. I'm surprised. Would have thought that was a reasonably soft rock. Of course you are right about the power of water, especially if it carries sediment like sand or grit. Still the falls are just stunning to see.