Monday, February 25, 2013

World War II National Submarine Memorial

Groton, CT

This is the conning tower of the USS-Flasher (SS-249) now serving as the centerpiece  of the World War II National Submarine Memorial located in Groton, CT.  Engraved in granite around the memorial are pictures and the names of the 52 submarines lost during the war. The names of the submariners lost are engraved on a Wall of Honor.  It's a very simple and humbling memorial, located somewhat fittingly, only a mile or so from the place were most of our country's submarines were built.


  1. Fine post, Ed. Surprisingly many WW II submarines were build in Manitowoc, WI, and floated down the Illinois Canal, and Mississippi River on barges since the subs drew too much water for the canals and rivers. This protected sub construction from coastal attack.

  2. That's very interesting, Jeff, and something I didn't know. This part of Connecticut is rich in the history of submarine warfare. The very first submarine used in battle, known as the Turtle, was built in nearby Old Saybrook and tested in the waters of the Connecticut River back in 1776. Groton is the home of General Dynamics' Electric Boat Divsion, which has built subs for the Navy for years, and still builds and repairs nuclear powered subs. Just a little up-river from Electric Boat is the Submarine Base in Groton, one of the Navy's primary submarine bases and training centers. Groton is known as the "Submarine Capital" of the world.