Sunday, February 17, 2013


Harkness State Park

I was getting tired of looking at all my pictures from the blizzard last weekend, so I decided to re-visit some photos taken this past summer.  It won't be too long until the colors turn green and there won't be so much white around.  


  1. So, you are ready for spring, warmth, and sunshine. Winter can't last long now.

  2. You're so right. I woke up this morning to 15 deg F with a stiff wind, making it feel like 8 deg F. I've had enough of winter for this year. At least I can go back and find sunny, warm pictures from last summer.

    1. I'm ready for spring also even though we spent much of the winter in San Antonio. This morning it was 20 degrees with a north wind gusting to 40 mph, not a peasant day to be outside. March is our major snow month, but it never lasts long. Hang in there and keep looking at photos from a warmer time.