Friday, February 8, 2013


Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT

I haven't been very good about posting to my blog lately.  One reason is that I like to post pictures that have been taken fairly recently.  I haven't gotten out much lately to do any serious photography due to other commitments, and some pretty lousy weather.  I also have gotten pretty picky about what photos I do post here.  Of the photos that I have taken in the last month or so, there are very few that I feel are worthy of posting, but I could be my own worst critic in those regards.  In any event, I hope to get back to a regular schedule of posting here, and getting out to take worthy pictures.  We're expecting up to 20" of snow starting today, so if nothing else, I'll have some pictures of snow soon.  I can't wait for spring......


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    1. Thank you for looking Audrey and for commenting.

  2. This one is certainly worthy of posting--I love the colors and the way the light falls in this. Nice work.

    1. Thanks, Edd. These casinos up here to great lengths to decorate the place. This is one of many indoor water features. The place is somewhat unreal.