Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ferry Terminal and Ferry

New London, CT

Located about 2 miles off the coast of Connecticut is Fishers Island.  It's a small island, only about 9 miles long, and although very close to Connecticut, it is really a part of New York.  It's serviced by this ferry, seen leaving New London.  I've taken the Cross Sound Ferry from New London to Orient Point, Long Island, but I've never been to Fishers Island. 


  1. What a fine looking ferry boat. Don't think I could resist taking the ferry just for the ride. Take a camera and see what Fishers Island has to offer. One never knows.

  2. Your time has come, Ed. I went across once to play golf on Fishers Island.

  3. Alright, I'll make it a point now to get over to Fisher's Island. Perhaps when the weather gets just a little warmer and the country turns green again. Thanks for looking!