Saturday, August 24, 2013

Plum Island Light

Plum Island, NY

Just off the tip of the north fork of Long Island, lies Plum Island.  This small island is not open to the public but does have a number of buildings on the island, including this lighthouse.  I think the government operated some sort of secret research facility here, but I'm not really sure.  Of course the conspiracy theorists can probably tell you a lot more of what went on here.


  1. Plum Island has been in the papers several times lately. There is indeed a secret federal research facility on the island. They studies animal diseases and there are rumors that there are some extremely virulent kinds of diseases they have found, and people worry about the stuff being released into the environment. Currently, the Obama administration has decided the island is surplus and should be sold, but politicians and environmental groups are fighting that.

    1. It seems like an interesting place, but it is strictly off-limits. From what I could see from the ferry, the buildings still looked pretty well maintained. Some conspiracy theorists have claimed that Lyme Disease originated there.