Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Montauk, NY

I could photograph waves all day long.  Each is unique and provides a never ending source of photo opportunities.   


  1. Nice composition Ed. Good tonal range. Well done.

    I love Montauk too. Wonderful place. Have a lobster roll for me at Lunch.

  2. I am enjoying your wave photos. This is a fine series. Growing up on the shore of Lake Michigan I occasionally got to see sizable waves, but usually only during winter storms.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I never get tired of watching the waves. I know about Lake Michigan waves as well. They can be treacherous at times, even in the spring and summer times.

    1. The Great Lakes can be hazardous for sailing as high waves with deep, short valleys can spring up unexpectedly. A sailor friend was in the Canary Islands overhearing a fellow trying to rent a sail boat. He as asked if he had any experience sailing on the ocean, and he replied, "No." "Where have you sailed?" he was asked. "On Lake Michigan," he replied. At that point it was all smiles. The rental representative said, "If you can sail there, you can sail anywhere in the world."