Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sign Selfie

I need to be much more observant when I'm out on photo walks.  I few weeks ago I was walking around downtown Nashua, NH looking for various photo opportunities.  Along with some very interesting architecture and restored buildings I came across some very colorful signs like the one shown above.  At the time I didn't pay too much attention to the subject of the sign.  Only when I began to edit the photo did I think that the building pictured in the sign looked very unique and familiar to me.  Sure enough, during the same walk, I had photographed the building pictured in the sign due to the striking turret along the corner of the building.  I never connected the two until I started editing.

Nashua, NH

If I realized the connection, I would have tried to photograph the building as it appears in the sign. 


  1. Those missed opportunities are frustrating, aren't they?!

  2. This is often what the editing process is about. Seeing new possibilities. If I'm being systematic, which doesn't happen often, I look back at a day's production, and then go back to re-photograph it to correct errors or change emphasis. It is all about seeing what is possible. Good pick up in your photos.