Monday, April 28, 2014

River Road Bridge

Colchester, CT

I finally had a chance to do some walking along the Air Line Trail State Park, near Colchester, CT.  The trail follows the right of way of an old railroad line that was the most direct route between New Haven and Boston.  The original railroad began service in 1873 and had a pretty tumultuous history characterized by many mergers and owners.  Eventually it became apparent that the shoreline route to Boston was more economically feasible and the Air Line Railroad ceased to provide passenger service shortly before the start of World War II.  Nevertheless, the construction of this railroad resulted in some great engineering feats some of which exist to this day and can be found along the Air Line Trail.  This brownstone arch bridge was built in 1887, the brownstone blocks coming from a local quarry.  The bridge is 22 feet long and carried the trains 18 feet above the River Road.  

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  1. Many abandoned railway right of ways have become bike trails, a perfect way to preserve the right of way and create great places to ride and/or walk. Beautiful bridge.