Monday, May 19, 2014

Approaching the Mystic River Bridge

Mystic, CT

After a brief ceremony at Mystic Seaport, the Charles W Morgan embarked on the first leg of her 38th Voyage, leaving Mystic Seaport for the first time in close to 73 years.  The ship was carefully guided down the river and beneath the historic Mystic River bridge aided by two tugboats, one in front towing the ship, with the other gently pushing from behind.  Her destination today would be the port of New London.  While docked there she'll be outfitted with new sails, and additional ballast will be added.


  1. How wonderful to see this tall ship restored, alive, and underway. I assume her final refitting will go smoothly and she will again sail the open sea under her own sails. You have a fine post here.

  2. What an exciting trip for her.
    And exciting for you to see.