Friday, May 2, 2014

Meet Lulu

As I started my walk along the Air Line Trail on my way towards the Lyman Viaduct, I noticed this cyclist, who started out along the trail about the same time I did.  She took her time riding, fairly slowly, but soon passed me and rode out of sight.  Not too much later, I noticed her coming back towards me, again riding slowly and stopping often.  As I approached her, she asked me to take her picture with her cellphone while on her bike.  I haven't mastered the skill of approaching strangers for a portrait just yet, but if they ask me to take their picture, then I'm very comfortable in asking them if I can take their picture with my camera.  So I used her cellphone for a couple of pictures, and then took a couple with my camera.  As is often the case when these situations arise, I didn't have the most flattering portrait lens on my camera, since I was using a wide angle zoom to photograph the landscapes along the Air Line Trail.  Oh well, one uses what one has and makes do, I guess. 

She introduced herself as Lulu and told me she came to ride along the Air Line Trail to learn how to ride her bike.  She never learned how to ride a bike in her youth, and thought the trail would be a perfect place to perfect her skills without worrying about riding in traffic or running into other pedestrians.   She wanted an additional type of exercise, to complement her running and thought cycling would be fun.  I emailed her my pictures.  I hope she likes them.  As she rode off,  I thought she was doing pretty well in learning to ride.  

Colchester, CT


  1. You have a fine portrait of Lulu on her bike. You put your wide angle lens to good use which allowed you to get her bike into the your photo. The Air Line Trail looks like a great place to ride a bike, so Lulu should be an experienced rider by the time she gets back.

  2. That is an interesting story. She probably approached you because she thought you looked like a nice guy. Now that you have this portrait under your belt, the next thing to try is to approach someone you think looks interesting. The worst that can happen is that s/he says no.