Monday, May 12, 2014

The Pro

Norwich, CT

I'm envious.  Check out that lens.  I guess you need a lens like that to do good sports photography.  I'm sure it can't hurt.  I know it's a Canon, and I shoot Nikon, but still, it must be nice to have.  I might have to postpone retirement a few years to afford it. ;) 


  1. Ed: It is the photographer, not the camera!

  2. Oh, just imagine having to carry that heavy equipment around with you! He must also have a steady hand as that looks like a unipod.

  3. That guy looks a bit like the tuba player in a band who must carry his instrument around with him. It help to have a camera that shoots 7-9 frames/second, then just choose the one showing the critical instant. Shoot 800 photos, get three or four great ones. Hay, digital images are free. Why not?