Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rockwell Building

Norwich, CT

This "flat-iron" type building was built around 1860 and is named after John Rockwell, a local lawyer who lived with his family at the nearby Wauregan Hotel.  I'm not sure how John Rockwell became associated with this building however.  In 1890, building was the home of the Snell Business College.  Today it houses offices and retail space.  If you ever visit Norwich, try the pizza at La Stella's, located on the ground floor of this building.  It's pretty good.


  1. I wish we would save and preserve more of our old buidlings here in the US. Some become historic landmarks but far too many are demolished for newer buidlings. I'm sure in Scotland you must have buildings far older than this.

  2. This looks familiar, but I don't think I photographed it.